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some of the actors of Defiance with and without their makeup.


this guy is systematically undoing the world

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God, we’re so different, all of us.

the cast of lost girl + life imitating art (or vice-versa)

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The Hollywood Reporter Geek Photoshoot

Tricia Helfer and Zachary Levi in The Princess Bride

Tatiana Maslany in Shaun of the Dead

Chris Hardwick in Back to the Future

Gale Anne Hurd and Norman Reedus in Men in Black

Grace Park and Katee Sackhoff in Star Wars

Nathan Fillion in Star Trek

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Ok one more teaser. @antigonerising @ninicamps

Was in an awkward spot in the packed Bitter End, but I got a few decent shots. Here’s a preview. @antigonerising

At The Bitter End with @antigonerising

Pre show drinks. #RedLion (at Red Lion)

Hiding from the heat for a bit… #grandcentral #nyc #photography

Looking forward to tonight’s show at The Bitter End!

Antigone Rising - Get To You (Official Video)


homophobia is not an opinion. transphobia is not an opinion. ableism is not an opinion. racism is not an opinion. these things just make you a bad person and you can’t defend them at all. i don’t want to talk to you if you think these things are okay, and i don’t care about your feelings if you’re upset that i’m mad at you for these things, because you obviously don’t care about the feelings of the people effected by it.

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I’ll come to you, I’ll come to you.

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